Wii Limitations?

With the launch of Wii, Nintendo has released a new way to play games – where you are using the Wii Remote (Wiimote in short) like a laser pointer/baton and using it to control the game. Nintendo has put some great effects with the Wiimote like a built in speaker, vibrations within the remote etc. With the Wii you get a receiver which traps the movements of the Wiimote.

I’m looking to buy the Wii however, I haven’t seen any clear drawbacks of the system yet. The software titles and the graphics are always arguments which can be used, but then again its used again almost every console. I haven’t seen any clear criticism of the Wiimote. Is it too sensitive? Too rough to play with? There has to be something. All I’ve heard is how cool the Wii is. C’mon Nintendo haters, where’s the real criticism? I’ve googled several terms to find some defects, like Wii sucks/bad etc. I need to hear some, if at least to put my mind at ease. This way when I buy it, I know what I’m getting…rather than some feature/bug/issue which isn’t out yet. If you find some criticism about Wii and the Wiimote please point them to me in the comments. I guess since it just released, the dirt will be coming out soon.

If I don’t hear anything bad, then thats great! I’ll buy one soon anyways. The $250 price tag is great. Some of the Wii sport games are included and should be fun to play. Especially tennis. Now if they included cricket that would be awesome!

Edit Nov 21: Found One!

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