Donald Rumsfeld Stepping down

Breaking News: Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld – chief architect of the Iraqi War is stepping down CNN Reports. Donald Rumsfeld has been under enormous pressure to step down, and he has succumbed — for the good of America.

Replacing Donald Rumsfeld is Robert Gates, who served as the Director of the CIA under George Bush Sr. Robert Gates being picked doesn’t come as a surprise since George Bush tends to stay within his family’s circle of influence. Robert Gates is currently serving as President of Texas A&M University at College Station.

Robert Gates will await confirmation from the Senate Armed Services committee and then from the entire Senate itself. This is smack in the middle of elections, perfect timing. I wonder how long ago it was decided that he would step down.

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  1. Glad he’s gone :) Hope the guy that replaces him does a better job and isn’t a right-wing extremist.

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