Daily Archives: Nov 8, 2006

uhh.. Orkut

Mashable writing about Orkut dropping its invite-only policy reminded me of signing up for Orkut. I’m finally on there, so if people are coming here from my Orkut profile.. uh please add me =) Back to work I suppose now.

Donald Rumsfeld Stepping down

Breaking News: Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld – chief architect of the Iraqi War is stepping down CNN Reports. Donald Rumsfeld has been under enormous pressure to step down, and he has succumbed — for the good of America. Replacing Donald Rumsfeld is Robert Gates, who served as the Director of the CIA under George […]

Riya launches a visual search engine

I can already picture some of the ladies going crazy over this one. If it actually works. So far Riya’s new product Like.com, a visual search engine seems pretty nice (its still alpha). Robert Scoble ran some tests to see how effective it is. Robert says that it works, but he would expect more results. […]