My Theme Editing Venture

I’ve chronicled my passion with blog themes several times already. I don’t think you can have too many themes, I love the WP community too much to setup my own blog and theme. Therefore I bought the “Edit CSS” upgrade. The upgrade is great, I can put in whatever CSS I want and WordPress will apply it without modifying the base CSS of theme. This way I can easily revert to my original style if needed.

I toyed around with this changing various things around the blog. I changed the post titles to the Georgia font, made it a bit bigger and moved the border below the post title. This gives it a better appearance. The other thing which bothered me was the title of blog. It was in the Helvetica font, which is just ugly. While I haven’t found the best substitute yet, I am satisfied with the current Georgia font as my blog title. You can compare this blog’s design to the original design found here. I have several ideas to make this blog look better and as I find time, I’ll make modifications.

I do have one complaint regarding the current system. I changed the CSS so I can have a larger banner, however when I upload a larger image, WordPress won’t allow me to crop the banner to the right dimensions. Cutline’s default banner size is 770×140, I would like a larger banner something like the PressRow theme which has 770×200. As soon as I upload the image the maximum size set by the WordPress crop tool is 770×140 – which is very unfortunate. I can’t increase banner size in any dimension. I expanded the width of my blog to 800 pixels as well, but since I can’t change the banner dimension the blog looks ugly. I reverted the change.

I sent the banner issue in as a bug, and I’m hoping they can fix it. If so it would be great. If not… well another hurdle to overcome and I’ll keep tweaking the rest of the blog. For now enjoy the banner of downtown Dubai I found somewhere on Flickr.

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