Daily Archives: Nov 1, 2006

Arrington & TechCrunch taking the heat

That is a pissed off Michael Arrington. People need to remember that TechCrunch is a full time job. They need some revenue – which in today’s worlds are ads. Due to this there will always be conflicts of interest, tell me one publication which legitimately doesn’t have a conflict of interest. I would take everything […]

Take the blogging survey!

Alex at theundersigned.net is running a blogging survey. So far it’s got 471 participants. Considering the number of bloggers, this is a ridiculously low number. So go on fill out the survey, its pretty short and takes five minutes. You can take a look at the live results too. The more people filling out the […]

Editors Galore

Looking for a decent text editor to type stuff or for programming? Here’s a list of those I’ve used. I researched these because text editors are probably the tool I use most (after Firefox ofcourse). In no particular order here are a few editors which are worth looking at. These are editors and not IDEs […]