Monthly Archives: November 2006

More Zoho Features

I love the Zoho Office Suite and today they released a couple of features which deserve to be applauded. They’ve released a plugin to save documents from MS Word/Excel directly into Zoho. You can open Zoho documents in Word/Excel as well. It’s bridging the gap between online and offline applications says Raju Vengesa. Now I […]

Ganguly, Gambhir In. Laxman new Vice Captain

Just yesterday I blogged about the state of Indian cricket and now the selectors made a couple of good moves in their selection process for the test team. They brought back Sourav Ganguly after a 10 month break from Test cricket to lend much needed experience to the Test team. I’m pretty sure he will […]

Yahoo TV Listings

Yahoo’s TV Section got a major face lift today. It went “Web 2.0” (if that means something). It got loaded up with spiffy Ajax widgets – sliders, fancy scrolly and some flash too. However in all this mess they forgot one thing – speed. The new TV listings are painfully slow. The old one wasn’t […]

Quick Hits

A bunch of random interesting stories I found: Amit Agarwal points to a new service: Add this. Combine all your Feed and subscription icons into one handy link/button. Lifehacker Shirts go on sale. I’m getting the Productively Lazy t-shirt. Google Answer goes poof. Don’t know why it’s that big of a deal anyways. Top Techmeme […]

Indian Cricket : Painful to Watch

Another game and yet another dismal failure from the Indian Cricket Team. Indian batting has been disappointing over the past couple of months – correction: since Greg Chappell’s introduction as coach. Greg Chappell has over-experimented and screwed up the Indian team. Sure, he is responsible for the “growth” of Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Irfan Pathan, […]

The Ultimate Photosharing service

For the sake of this post, let’s imagine that Flickr, Picasa and Riya are all owned by one company. That should put this post into perspective. This is my vision of the ultimate social networking photo tool & service. It’s a combo of Flickr, Riya and Picasa. Picasa, is one of the best photo/image management […]

Some missing things with Zoho

I’m an avid user of Zoho’s services – Writer and Sheet, but recently I’m being dragged towards Google Docs & Spreadsheets. Why? Its a couple of reasons: I use Gmail a lot and Google Spreadsheets is integrated with Gmail. If i receive an email with an excel file, I get the option to open it […]

Wii News Roundup

In my quest for finding some good reviews of the Wii which take a thoughtful approach to the analysis, I found a lot of Wii information. Here are a roundup of some useful articles: Slate Magazine’s Chris Suellentrop writes “Wii is the Champion” – This review takes a thoughtful approach to evaluate what prospective Wii […]

Happy Feet beats Casino Royale

The tap dancing penguin movie Happy Feet beat the latest James Bond flick Casino Royale for the number one spot on the box office. Happy feet scored $42.3 million, compared to Casino Royale’s $40.6 million. That’s pretty close considering many people didn’t like the new character playing Bond. I saw Casino Royale on Saturday and […]

Top 55 Web designers in the world

I stumbled across a blog post by Andy Denton. He did some of his own research and listed the Top 55 web designers in the world . While some people may not agree with the selection criteria or how he a…