The news these days…

Ever since I started work, I’ve been picking up the newspaper at the train station to read on my way to work. Going to and from work I usually finish reading the entire paper; reading every article. But nowadays I’m skipping a lot of the news. Every day in the news I spot some death or destruction which leaves me quite sad at times.

Let see today’s news:

These news take up atleast three pages on the newspaper I read. This is only today’s news, everyday it’s something or the other. People calling on Rumsfeld to resign, protests at Gallaudet University, other random murders.

Apart from this there is the usual mudslinging between politicians. Today its some Republican saying Hilary Clinton was ugly and she spent money to make herself beautiful (what’s wrong in making yourself look pretty?)

Seriously. What has the world come to when our daily news is filled with death, destruction, violence and third grade politics.

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