New Theme!

Looks like WordPress released (stealthyly) a new theme. Unsleepable. It’s active right now on this blog, but I don’t see any annoucement regarding this on the

Edit: Just after publishing this post I notice there’s a post up.

Noticed an annoying issue of this theme with the WP dashboard bar. See attached screenshots:

With the dashboard bar on top:
Unsleepable with Dashboard

Without the dashboard bar on top:
Theme without Dashboard

The dashboard bar seems to screw up the alignment of the theme header. If this could be fixed it would be great!

Edit #2: Fixed by Bryan \o/

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  1. micha · ·

    that’s the problem with your theme. the header is positioned “absolute” right ?

    there’s nothing they can do (except for using a frameset or tables, which won’t happen i guess :-) )

  2. No no, it’s actually my error. Thought I fixed it, I guess it didn’t show up. :) It should be fine now. :)

  3. All fixed. Thanks Bryan!

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  5. I had the same issue when i used a viklund theme a while back.

  6. i like it. but something’s wrong with the bottom bar. my categories and archives run down right across the black bar containing the credits…..

  7. awery09

  8. Thanks

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  10. cpwatex · ·

    Thank You!

  11. thanks You!

  12. jamesesz · ·

    Great Job!! We want more!!

  13. Very interesting.

    But i want more RPG or Anime themes

  14. joceilton · ·

    gostaria de saber como faço para fazer o site vinculado ao blog

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