Some little known shortcuts

Here are some essential shortcuts about Firefox you should know:

Ctrl + L – It will bring you to the Address bar to type your URL

Ctrl +K – It will bring you to your Search bar on the top right corner

Ctrl + Enter – Automatically prepend “http://” and append “.com” to a keyword entered in the address bar. Try this “Ctrl +L -> Type “WordPress” -> Press Ctrl + Enter”

Alt + Enter – Same as above for .org!

Shift + Enter – Same as above for .net!

Ctrl + <Plus Sign>/<Minus Sign> – Increase/Decrease Font Size

Ctrl + 0 (Zero) – Reset Font Size to default

Ctrl + F5 – Reload current page by Overriding the cache – An extremely useful option.

Complete list of other shortcuts here

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  1. foxtrott · ·

    I didn’t know about that Keyboard Shortcuts page on Mozilla. Many thanks Rushi.

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