Damn Apple…

Just read Scoble’s post “Is Apple Copying Microsoft?” and I couldn’t agree with him more.

When I was seeing the pictures of iTV and then saw the Showtime event, I always felt that I had seen this interface before. I let it slide thinking I must have seen leaked screenshots on Gizmodo or Engadget. But neither Gizmodo or Engadget carried any pictures of iTV. Then I saw the familiarity between iTV and Windows Media Center. A friend in college had WMC and I used to spend a lot of time using it.

Apple has great designers, they do that stuff well. Just look at OS X, iPods. Why do they have to copy Microsoft?

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  1. sometimes, even the best need a break from being creative.

  2. Apple has some of the most creative designers…

    Recently when i bought a iPod, I had an option to choose from Creative Zen and iPod..

    Creative Zen had more features when compared with iPod, but I chose iPod because it was cute looking ;)

    And that’s what make Apple so special

  3. Unless Windows Media Center has changed much in the recent past, I don’t know that I see the comparison. I mean, if you have to make a UI that is readable from across the room and controllable with a directional keypad, you only have so many options. To me it seems more like a TV-compatible version of the iPod interface than any rip-off of Media Center. (Unless you consider the iPod interface a rip off of Media Center.)

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