Monthly Archives: September 2006

Some little known shortcuts

Here are some essential shortcuts about Firefox you should know: Ctrl + L – It will bring you to the Address bar to type your URL Ctrl +K – It will bring you to your Search bar on the top right corner Ctrl + Enter – Automatically prepend “http://” and append “.com” to a keyword […]

Ruby on Rails for Beginners

Alright, so we have PHP, Ajax… what is this Ruby on Rails? What is Ruby and why is it on Rails? These are some of the questions which I wanted answers to a while ago. I was trying to learn Ruby and Ruby on Rails because it was the buzzword and was touted as being […]

Zoho QuickRead Plugin

The Zoho Office Suite just got better. Zoho has released a plugin (FF & IE) which will allow you to open any web-based .doc,pdf, open office, excel file with a simple right-click. The formats supported are: .doc, pdf, .odt, .rtf for Zoho Writer and .xls, .csv, .sxc for Zoho Sheet. I think this is a […]

Being an Indian

I received the following email and had to share it. I am an Indian citizen. One among 1 billion of us. When somebody bombs us we die. Just like Americans did when the Al Qaeda drove their planes into the Trade Center. Just like Londoners did when terrorists attacked the city last July. But while […]

Look who’s back!

Now this is why Sachin Tendulkar is called the Master. He’s been out of the game for 6 months and in the first match of his return he hits his 40th ODI Century. That’s right #40. It’s no tiny century either 141 not out. It’s only the second time in his career that Sachin has played […]

Damn Apple…

Just read Scoble’s post “Is Apple Copying Microsoft?” and I couldn’t agree with him more. When I was seeing the pictures of iTV and then saw the Showtime event, I always felt that I had seen this interface before. I let it slide thinking I must have seen leaked screenshots on Gizmodo or Engadget. But […]

An honest inflight annoucement

If you’ve ever flown an airplane more than once, you must have come to hear (and maybe ignore) the inflight announcements. Most of them are pretty similar and are mainly said to cover the airline in a legal situation. Here’s what it would sound like if the airlines were entirely honest: “GOOD morning, ladies and […]

New Theme \o/

WordPress can’t release a new theme without me not using it. Pressrow is pretty nice. Very simple looking. WordPress is probably going to add more themes and I’ve suggested the following from  fGrey: fSpring: and fUnique is an excellent 3 column layout as well. Can’t wait.