Windows Vista pricing

It seems Microsoft Canada accidentally posted the prices of Windows Vista on it’s website. These are the prices it displayed on it’s website (in Canadian dollars)

  • Ultimate – $499
  • Business – $379
  • Home Premium – $299
  • Home Basic – $259

The likely prices in USD as calculated by Ed Bott (ZDNet blogs) is roughly:

  • Ultimate – $349
  • Business – $269
  • Home Premium – $239
  • Home Basic – $199

Shortly after these were posted they were taken down. ZDNet got this response from Microsoft when asked about the Canadian pricing:

Microsoft inadvertently posted Windows Vista Canadian retail prices on their Web site, and the information has since been removed. There is no new pricing information to share currently but we plan to announce Windows Vista U.S. pricing when we ship Windows Vista RC1, later this quarter.

Not too bad. Although I still don’t like so many different versions.

via Engadget

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  1. Don’t like the versions either, but what I’d like to see is a Windows Stripped… with just the operating system and nothing more.

  2. just to let you know that has all prices

    January 30th, 2007 -launch date :)-

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