Monthly Archives: August 2006

Windows Vista pricing

It seems Microsoft Canada accidentally posted the prices of Windows Vista on it’s website. These are the prices it displayed on it’s website (in Canadian dollars) Ultimate – $499 Business – $379 Home Premium – $299 Home Basic – $259 The likely prices in USD as calculated by Ed Bott (ZDNet blogs) is roughly: Ultimate […]


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Saved by…breast implants?

An interesting story of a woman who was saved by her silicone breast implants when a Hezbollah rocket wounded her in northern Israel. Doctors found shrapnel embedded in the silicone implants, just inches from the 24-year-old’s heart. Now there’s an advantage no one would have thought of. Source: Reuters Story

A new DeviantArt

deviantArt the popular online art community just released a new version of it’s website yesterday. 7th August is DeviantArt’s birthday and it releases a new version of its website every year. deviantART aims to provide a place for any artist, photographer, or writer to exhibit his or her works. It receives 2 million hits per […]