Zune: Microsoft’s new foray into digital entertainment

Microsoft finally confirms the fact that they are entering the digital entertainment division. Previously they denied they were making an iPod killer. Zune is a banner under which they will be releasing entertainment services and products.
So it’s digital entertainment. What kind of stuff do we expect to see from Microsoft:

  • Probably 2-3 different version of an MP3 player ofcourse.
  • A portable video player, ala video iPOD.
  • Engadget says probably a portable game device
  • Microsoft ofcourse has a player, so that area’s covered. Microsoft has Windows Media Player isntalled by default into Windows, so they have an advantage there.
  • They would look to support their .wma format more ofcourse. It’s Microsoft.
  • An last but not the least, a music library, where you can buy music and download for really cheap prices.

I can’t help but think of the this video of the Microsoft iPod.

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