Monthly Archives: July 2006

When you visit you won’t see a website about Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 7. Instead you’ll see a large logo of firefox, calmly telling you to “Redicover the web”. That’s right, someone bought over the domain and has put up a link to firefox. A simple whois shows the following info about the owner: Digital […]

Zune: Microsoft’s new foray into digital entertainment

Microsoft finally confirms the fact that they are entering the digital entertainment division. Previously they denied they were making an iPod killer. Zune is a banner under which they will be releasing entertainment services and products. So it’s digital entertainment. What kind of stuff do we expect to see from Microsoft: Probably 2-3 different version […]

Zooomr free 2.5GB Account

Wow Zooomr is offerring free 2.5GB accounts. WTG Kris Tate! I’m getting my 2.5GB now :) Thanks for the tip Chrono Technorati Tags: zooomr

Netscape finally making a move?

Today’s big buzz, Jason Calcanis of Weblogs Inc. (Netscape et al.) has offered to “buy out” top users of Digg/Reddit/Flickr/Newsvine users. A thousand bucks a month for 150 stories, that is what his offering. Last month Netscape launched a digg-clone in what TechCrunch called a “Digg-Killer“. Netscape has a far larger and wider audience that […]

Some stuff…

Finally installed Fedora on my laptop. Something comforting about having a real CLI at your disposal. Work is making it hard to blog, is there some sorta detox center for this?  It’s been ages since a decent post. Meanwhile check this list of the 10 worst company URLs.