Got a new job, just started Monday so now its real busy time for me. Can't get the time to really surf from work but I'm keep partly in touch with my basic Netvibes RSS feeds.

Can't really blog much about work otherwise I would be dooced. But it's safe to say work is good. Not entirely boring :) Although it's 60 hours weeks pretty much for me for a while. I will be missing eve quite a bit…just when it got bloody interesting for me.

Also recently I've given in and bought some Skype Credit for my Skype Client. A friend of mine showed me how to setup Skype forwarding. My parents can call me on my skype and if I don't pickup my skype convo it gets forwarded to my phone, for a really cheap rate. My parents calling me from Dubai via Skype costs me only about 2cents per minute. Pretty neat isn't it? I am also looking into buying one of the Vonage boxes and having it setup at home in Dubai so that my parents can call me from an actual landline, let's see how that works out later this month.

Also, best wishes to Robert Scoble and Om Malik on their new endeavours!

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