The last straw…

Alright, yesterday I had the oppurtunity to see X-Men: The Last Stand. I went into this movie after reading a couple of reviews, none of them said anything good about the movie. Now beware, there will be some spoilers in my writing.

First bad thing they did was deviate from what I thought of as the base concept of the movie. They killed Cyclops in the first 5 minutes of the movie, Charles Xavier dies about an hour into the movie. Mystique (a stunning Rebecca Romjin) is rendered as a human and as such has no role in the movie at all. The key characters of X-Men are shown almost as invalids. It is as if the director was on a dare to show that he could make a movie without key characters. Anyone who is a fan of the X-Men series know how much value these characters bring to the movie.

The story around which the movie revolves is that a cure for the mutant x-gene has been found! Wow what a plot. This "cure" is around which Magneto creates his mutant army (now where have I heard that one before) to fight against the humans. Jean Grey or the Phoenix is now with Magneto and is probably the most powerful mutant ever shown. The evolution of Jean Grey as the Phoenix isn't handled well either. In simple terms she is shown as a powerful mutant with a multiple personality disorder. Far, from the original concept of the Phoenix force. The Phoenix is used more as an evil witch!

The movie is a hodgepodge of mutants. Some mutant powers are created out of the blue. I would agree with Peter Canavese who says "It's a full-fledged mutant jamboree, but one that blunts thematic and character development in favor of narrative expediency". A mutant jamboree indeed…there are tons and tons of non-sensical mutants, who are favored over the tried and tested mutants like Cyclops, The Professor and Mystique.

The movie lacks any emotional weight which made X1 and to certain extent X2 so good. The movie feels a disorganized and rushed. Too many mutants to squeeze into such a short timespan. All this have led to a bad movie by Brett Ratner.

Now to the good parts of the movie. Well there were few. The CG was very well done including one scene where Magneto repositions the entire Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco. The fight sequence at the end was well done in terms of CG. Kelsey Grammer as the blue-haired Beast and Secretary of Mutant Affairs (wtf?) has played a good role.

That's about it. All in all this movie was a big disappointment. If you are X-Men fan who has read the comic books and seen the cartoons, then please do yourself a favor and do not watch this movie. Otherwise it is a good movie to watch for the graphics and other mutant powers. For me I classify this as 10 bucks wasted. Good thing I didn't buy popcorn.

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