Thanks Matt & WordPress Team

Matt Mullenweg and WordPress Team are back again taunting me with new themes. As i've blogged before, I have a problem with themes. The problem is that WordPress has so many good themes I keep on switching between them frequently.

Now we have four new themes:

Ambiru and Emire are really good, something which I am going to try out soon. Emire is running currently and that was one theme which I had my eye from a long time. I am glad the WP team got to it :) Ambiru is nice, however it is only a one column layout, good for those who like one column setups.

I am happy that WP is atleast open to theme suggestions. For future themes how about a simple poll? For example if the WP team wants to introduce a one theme from a large list of submitted ones they can setup a poll for users to choose! This way you ensure that a popular theme gets chosen. Also if you want more than one theme then pick #1, 2 & 3 from the poll.

How does that sound?

Update: Check out this post on Canvas (a WYSIWYG editor for WP Themes) by Lorelle.

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