Monthly Archives: May 2006

The last straw…

Alright, yesterday I had the oppurtunity to see X-Men: The Last Stand. I went into this movie after reading a couple of reviews, none of them said anything good about the movie. Now beware, there will be some spoilers in my writing. First bad thing they did was deviate from what I thought of as […]

Thanks Matt & WordPress Team

Matt Mullenweg and WordPress Team are back again taunting me with new themes. As i've blogged before, I have a problem with themes. The problem is that WordPress has so many good themes I keep on switching between them frequently. Now we have four new themes: Ambiru Emire Flower Power Supposedly Clean Solipsus Ambiru and […]

So dark the con of man…

I just come back watching the Da Vinci Code. My initial reaction was that it was very well adapted from the book. The book itself wasn't too long (unlike LOTR) but Ron Howard adapted it well into the movie format. They say no publicity is bad publicity and Da Vinci code has had its fair […]

CSS Library Launched

Check out the CSS library. It's got a lot of libraries for nifty styles. CSS Image styles, form buttons etc. The menus aren't all that great but for those you can check the ones made by Exploding boy (here, here and here). read more | digg story

Final Exams!

It's that time of the year again. Final exams are about. 2 Exams left and I graduate. I will restart blogging next week.