ajaxOS – An Ajax based operating system

Michael Robertson pulls another one out of his magic hat. ajaxOS is a ajax-based operating system. Yes its an ajax based operating system.

Some of the features of this OS is:

  • Automatic launch of AJAX software when clicking on a supported filetype.
  • Ability to save files to virtual storage.
  • Ability to navigate through a file browser to the files uploaded to virtual storage as well those on your local computer

I'm sure there will be more. There are plenty of advantages for a WebOS in general. An the ajaxOS website lists them pretty well. Some of the most important ones one can think of are:

Information Security – All files are stored on the os's storage facility so you don't have to bother about maintaing backups or worrying about disasters.

Web-based Software Applications IncludedFrom ajaxOS: Save money. No need to purchase expensive software – it's all included in ajaxOS. You can use software like ajaxWrite, ajaxXLS etc on such OSs.

Updated and Upgraded AutomaticallyFrom ajaxOS: Spending time and money on software updates and upgrades is also a thing of the past, most ajaxOS applications are upgraded automatically.

ajaxOS was previewed at the 2006 Desktop Linux Summit and here is a video demo of ajaxOS from that summit. (Note: Real Player Needed)

What is A Web OS?

A WebOS is software platform which interacts with the web browser and is not dependent on any particular OS (Wikipedia Entry). Web OS's are becoming a big thing nowadays with the power of AJAX and even Adobe's Flash.

Some of the current players are Goowy, Orca, YouOS, EyeOS, Xin. A ZDnet blog by Richard MacManus reviews the WebOS Market. There ofcourse other "mini-os" startup pages like Netvibes, Pageflakes, Fold, Microsoft's Live and Google's Personalized homepage. These startup pages are like portal, they put all of your daily information into one page. Information like news, pictures, notes, weather and other widgetry that you need.

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  1. Xin already supports all the above listed features in full, and more, so I dont think these guys can expect a ‘free lunch’ exactly, tho it looks promising. :-)

  2. This takes me back to the era of dumb terminals, with everything hosted on the server, even the browser was not necessary :-)

  3. broken link my friend :(

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