Daily Archives: Apr 22, 2006

Online Image Editor

nexImage is an online editing/processing software. It’s an ajax based software and you dont need any plugin. It works in Firefox, IE, Safari and even Opera! Some of the features include: The basic image modification features like: Crop, Resize, Rotate It has lots of filters like Blur, Sharpen, Swirl It’s got something a lot of […]

Google Calendar API!

Google has finally "answered" calls for a GCal API. Blog Post here and the API is here. It cover's: Find and Request your Calendar's Feed URL manually and using the protocol or the GData client library Add events using the client lib Send a date-range query i.e. request a set of events which match the […]

Secure your code

A List Apart, one of the premier Web Design magazines has a great article written by Niklas Bivald on Securing Your Code Great article mainly because it exposes how one execute malicious code on your scripts (JavaScript injections mainly).