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I haven't been blogging for that long (started in February). I used to blog a bit now and then about Eve but never did it much. WordPress got me involved, great community :)

Guy Kawasaki recently completed 100 days of blogging and continuing in this blogging 'tradition' he has posted his Observations of a Nouveau Blogger. This makes for a really good read and it is also very true!

This tag line is hilarious too

Blogger. n. Someone with nothing to say writing for someone with nothing to do.

While on the topic of blogs, whats your default category for your blog posts? I had it on 'Uncategorized' but I just hated that so I switched it to Web 2.0. I don't blog as much about Web 2.0 but I sometimes I hate it when it automatically assigns itself to a post. I wish we could have a post without categories.

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  1. My default is Space. But I blog randomly about whatever. I personally love the categories, that’s part of the reason WordPress beats Blogger any day.

  2. Qwerty Maniac · ·

    Mine is ‘Personal’ and so is my blog’s theme too; thus it fits :D

  3. running two blogs, I have one set at Linux (on here) and my personal blog the default category is “words”.

  4. I have renamed Uncategorized to misc :-)

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