Theme Woes

So, I really like two themes in WordPress. The two are:

  • Hemingway (Black) – That is the current theme. I like it's black look and feel, font style and color. However its negative point is that it isn't in a two column format. The links are all at the bottom. Also, it automatically trims, your initial post.
  • Thirteen – This was my previous one. I like its overall look, but its got just too much green and yellow for me.

I need help to pick one :'( Does this one look good? I've decided to stick with this for a bit and see how it works out…

Edit: I've switched to Rubric 1.0. It is much better, the green and yellow was really getting to me. The only thing I dont like it the red pen. But this is my new theme for sure. Really simplistic.<3

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  1. hi there,
    I feel the same way, Hemingway looks solid but the front layout does not give enough focus to the entries, for example the trim is simply unacceptable for me.

    What worked for me for a while was the ‘WordPress Default 1.5’ layout, I had a short blog title then ‘free fall’ and it looked very elegant. but my current title ‘boostrapping notes by timothy’ is simply too long for that font.

    very informative post on ajax, thanks Rushi

  2. correction, I meant ‘Contempt 1.0’ instead of the default theme. Contempt looks a bit smoother.

  3. I don’t know studys have found that white font on a black background is harder to read then black font on a white background. Also the font in this one is small which doesn;t help the reader either.

  4. I love Thirteen. But I can’t get the links to work in mine. How did you do it with yours?

  5. sanyuja · ·

    I prefer Thirteen. The current theme is too taxing on the eyes. Everything is black and the font is too small. I would suggest you switch back to Thirteen. It was more hmm… elegant. It’s just me, though.

  6. Oh well, I’ve switched back :( I wish we could edit the themes in WP. Then I would definetly re-work Hemingway.

  7. This new red one is much better. Except I dont really like the pen much. But this is my new theme for sure. Really simplistic.

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