My 5 Minutes of Fame

Robert Scoble linked to my blog! and as a result:

Fastest Growing Blog

Scoble linked to Beginning Ajax for Newbies. I guess this is where I really need Akismet now :|



  1. nerdiiblackgirl · ·

    Congrats! I found you by clicking your link on the Fastest Growing section. One day I hope to be so popular.

  2. Five minutes is better than none. I’m sure the five minutes will lengthen on and on.


    Take a look at my blog. Maybe some of the good luck will rub off.

    Have a blessed day.


  3. Qwerty Maniac · ·


    Also, google shows only 1 backlink of your site but your PR is 5 :shock:

  4. Congratulations. You’re doing very well.

  5. A-HA! You’re the one who knocked me off my throne! ;-)

    I had that spot for two weeks!

  6. I’m sure it wont last that long Carla. But I’ll keep on bloggin!

  7. Qwerty Maniac · ·

    Cool, now you are on Top blogs as well as fastest growers :P

  8. Yes now ur the 4 top blog Great going

  9. Awesome Rushi! I could really use some of that Scoble mojo too! :D

  10. congrats and now u are Top blogs for today


  11. oh geez i’ve been dugg, Someone posted it a while ago, but I didn’t know it would be up at the top.

  12. :-)! Congratulations and celebrations!! But, yes have to agree that your repo of links for AJAX was indeed worth it!

    And of course, all the bloggers here would like a rub of Sco rite ;-)!

  13. amitken · ·

    it’s not just 5 minutes of fame.. it’s atleast a day of fame for you. your blog is also listed in “Top wordpress blogs of the day” section. :)

    nice blog, u’ve got. i’ll try n keep visiting.


  14. nice theme! too bad you don’t have any adsense ads on here. you could have made a little bit of change. i’m a big fan of clicking those little ads for people who run private sites like this one.

  15. Litis · ·

    5 minutes? Wouldn’t it be actually “fame forever”? :|

  16. I didn’t think it would last long (See #7) But oh well, so far so good.

  17. adecentlife · ·

    hey rushi,congrts.
    cud u temme how did u add counter/stats in here.
    since wordpress does not allow to add html or make changes in template.
    jus wanted to know how did u do.


    awaiting ur reply.

  18. adecentlife: In your admin interface goto Presentation->Sidebar Widgets If your theme allows sidebar widgets you can use one called ‘Blog Stats’

    For more info you can see the WP Team’s blog post here

  19. adecentlife · ·

    thanks a lot.


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