This time its eyespot

Michael Robertson launches yet another ajax product called eyespot. Eyespot is a web-based video editing software. You can mix multiple videos, add audio etc. You can email your video via MMS to your eyespot account and even email audio. You can also upload video and audio from your own computer. Pretty neat.

They have a very useful upload indicator, which gives your real-time status on the upload. Something which is very useful, I always hang in limbo when I'm uploading something…"will it or won't it?"

While Eyespot does do something useful, I wonder if such services will be adapted by YouTube, Google Videos. It would make a perfect companion for such a service. YouTube and MotionBox currently have basic editing facilities though, but eyebox+YouTube would be perfect. Although I would like to know, how often this service would be used (apart from the novelty factor). If they can add some fancy transitions/effects and features like that, it would be a really amazing tool. I guess only time will tell.

If you haven't registered you can see a video demo of eyespot here.

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  1. adecentlife · ·

    hey eyespot was an eye opener.

    keep the simple english going without much computer jargons.jus a humble request.


  2. jerry · ·

    check out, it has the transition effects, titles, unlimited number of clips, a much more powerful editor. blows the pants off of eyespot

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