AJAX Resources for Beginners

Here is an updated version of the post – http://rushi.vishavadia.com/blog/2006/04/04/beginning-ajax/. Below is an older version:

Like many people out there, I'm just getting to know the technologies AJAX's hood. For people who don't know about AJAX, Wikipedia gives good info. Ajax in one line is a technology by which you can send and receive data without the page being reloaded, so it looks more 'dynamic'. I guess this could be the dummy way of explaining it.

I wanted to know more about AJAX and learn how to code with AJAX. Just the basic stuff. This is what I found:

Getting Started with AJAX – Author Aaron Gustafson takes you through writing a basic AJAX application (An address book). Lots of code there.

Mastering AJAX – This is a pretty good tutorial which gives you the nitty gritty basics, talks about cross browser compatibility which is really important with XmlHTTPRequest object in IE (stupid MSFT :-p) What I like about this tutorial is that it explains info in a very easy to understand manner and it also says why you need it. (Part 1 (introduction) of the tutorial is here)

Using AJAX with PHP and mySQL – Being a PHP Developer myself, this tutorial is really well written and very complete. Step by step instructions on how to go about working with the XMLHttpRequest object too.

XAJAX – Xajax is an open source PHP Library for building ajax based applications. xajax is very easy to use and damn powerful, allowing you to use php where you wouldnt unneccesarily use JavaScript. They have a very good tutorial here called Learn Xajax in 10 Minutes.

Another good tutorial by John Wiseman on Creating a mySQL connection with PHP and Ajax.(If the code seems too small copy and paste it intoyour favorite editor, or hit Ctrl + '+' on Firefox to increase font size)

Ajax Loading Indicators & Icons – You can make up your own indicator icons, but the ones provided are really nice and fancy.

Lastly, Max Keisler has a very comprehensive list Ajax tutorials, resources – from beginner to advanced.

Leave a comment and tell me what you think about this blog and these articles :)

Edit: The Ajaxian carries a good list of books on Ajax to learn from. 



  1. Nice collection of useful links.. :) Nice blog…nice theme :)

  2. Great resource! I’ve been meaning to do a similar post. It’s interesting, since the Ajax storm began, I think there has been a wider availability of tutorials and references than for any other technology or technique. The web is alive! Thanks again, Rushi.

  3. Sajax (www.modernmethod.com/sajax/) is a nice little toolkit for AJAX with perl/php/py. I’ve actually used it myself on http://www.twocrowds.com and http://www.jotcloud.com.

    I recommend it for its simplicity

  4. Nice resource :), I’ve recently started learning AJAX for myself and a lot of these sites are something I already came by, but it’s definately nice for new people to have them listed together like this.

  5. Quite a nice collection!!!

  6. A lot of Ajax beginers tutorials also was collected by Max Kiesler here: http://www.maxkiesler.com/index.php/weblog/comments/round_up_of_30_ajax_tutorials/

  7. […] Rushi’s Ramblings is hosting AJAX Resources for Beginners. AJAX is a hot technology right now that lets you provide dynamic content without reloading the page, as long as you have a Javascript-capable browser, aren’t blind, don’t have impaired motor skills, aren’t on a mobile phone, aren’t on a PDA, aren’t on an embedded browser, don’t have preprocessing requirements through a content filter, aren’t using a keyboard, don’t need to bookmark internal pages and don’t mind if search engines can’t index your site. We have learned through the popularity of beta signup pages that web 2.0 is all about exclusivity. AJAX is the technology of the future! Posted by techkrunk Filed in Web 2.0 […]

  8. […] If you are new to AJAX and looking for information then start here. This link is a listing of excellent resources from Rushi Vishavadia which I found on Scobleizer and thought it was worth repeating here! […]

  9. Raghu: I looked into Sajax, but never got a chance to playaround with it. I’ve only had a chance with Xajax.

    All: This is a basic write up. There are lot more resources out there (like Max Keisler’s). I consider these a good starting point. You won’t have to sort through tons of resources.

  10. […] Another collection of useful tutorials compiled by Rushi – right in my own WordPress back yard. At this rate, I'll never get to bed! […]

  11. Thanks so much for the list of links. I am a total beginner of Ruby, Rails and AJAX. This will help give my learning and development a boost.

  12. Chrono Cr@cker · ·

    Good links Rushi! Thanks mate

  13. […] Rushi’s Ramblings » AJAX Resources for Beginners (tags: programming ajax) […]

  14. […] Kurz und gut für alle Ajax-Anfänger (englisch). […]

  15. Youngblood · ·

    Thanks for the headsup. I’m still new, and in the process of building a website; learning as I go along. I’ll definitly check Ajax out…

  16. This looks very useful, thanks :)

  17. Here is another article that will get you started on AJAX,

    Implementing simple AJAX interaction in your Web Application using XMLHttpRequest object :

  18. excellent collection. great work :)

  19. […] Rushi has compiled a great list of links for AJAX newbies and its kind of geared towards PHP programmers. Just what I was looking for. […]

  20. Great resource, we put as lot of this into play at our website. Ajax really helps us make our users happy.

    Andy Arnott

  21. Besides RUBY and PHP, AJAX is the next latest innovation on the Internet. I believe this site is going to help a lot of other AJAX beginners including myself. Good work.

  22. Yeah stupid Microsoft, they only invented AJAX.

  23. Here’s an AJAX tutorial using Prototype:
    Prototype seems to take care of some of the cross-browser incompatibilities, leaving an easy framework for implementing asynchronous javascript requests.

  24. Good collection – but also consider adding “COMET” programming to your list

    it it the evoluton of AJAX

  25. Nice list :)

    I wrote a VERY basic ajax tutorial using classic ASP as the back end a little bit ago.


  26. Hey Rushi,

    As I know you’re aware, you’re getting an insane amount of del.icio.us and digg love from this post. Perhaps you’d consider a future ‘rambling’ about what that exposure has meant in terms of traffic, page views, ect…, and from what sources. I think it’d be an interesting topic.

    Thanks, and…yay AJAX! Always fun to refine and expand the old programming skills.

  27. A good listing.

    After much procrastination, I have finally come out with my own listing. It is available at http://midnitecoder.blogspot.com/2006/04/ajax-resources-list-version-1.html

    Hope, this will help ajax followers as well.

  28. […] Saw this on Rushi’s Ramblings. AJAX Resources for Beginners. […]

  29. […] AJAX Resources for Beginners […]

  30. Web 2.0 Blogs

    As I said before, Web 2.0 is fiery fire and there are tons and tons of websites devoted to 2.0 alone. This holds true in the blogosphere as well. Here I’ll be taking you across to some of the good Web 2.0 Blogs that you should definitely not miss…

  31. […] AJAX for beginners […]

  32. […] I wanted to know more about AJAX and learn how to code with AJAX. Just the basic stuff. This is what I found: […]

  33. […] Rushi’s Ramblings » Blog Archive » AJAX Resources for Beginners (tags: ajax tutorials webdevelopment) Posted by Hogg Filed in del.icio.us […]

  34. […] Rushi’s Ramblings » Blog Archive » AJAX Resources for Beginners (tags: Ajax tutorials) […]

  35. […] Rushi’s Ramblings » Blog Archive » AJAX Resources for Beginners (tags: ajax programming web tutorial javascript howto) […]

  36. Arbind · ·

    Hi Rushi,
    Its really a nice collection of AJAX stuff. Earlier i had went thru many website but this one is really amazing….
    As i have started my carrier so it is very useful for me…..

    Great work :)

  37. […] Rushi’s lists a few AJAX resources. ALEA blogs about algorithmic trading. […]

  38. amazing collection of links. thanks for compiling the good stuff in one place. will definitely look up while learning ajax

  39. […] Rushi’s Ramblings » Blog Archive » AJAX Resources for Beginners […]

  40. […] Credits & Xtra Links:: Rushi’s AJAX for Begineers Wikipedia AJAX Max’s Round-up […]

  41. […] Title says it all… Additional useful resources in the comments to the article.read more | digg story […]

  42. […] Rushi’s Ramblings » AJAX Resources for Beginners Posted by podnblog Filed in Uncategorized […]

  43. […] AJAX Resources for beginners – for when I’m tired of using ready-to-use libraries and want to build it myself. […]

  44. […] Title says it all… Additional useful resources in the comments to the article.read more | digg story […]

  45. AJAX Resources for Beginners

    Vēlies iemācīties AJAX, taču tevi atbaida pārlieku sarežģīti manuāļi? Vēlies visu saprast ātri un viegli? Tad šie materiāli ir priekš tevis :)

  46. Hey found your site via google. Cheers for the resources! this is a site for the RSS reader me thinks, Cheers!

  47. Very informative… Thx

  48. […] Una recopilacin de reursos para principiantes (y otra). Lightbox es una biblioteca (espectacular) para mostrar imgenes sobre una pgina web (DOMinclude funciona de manera similar). La presentacin de ALE, una tecnologa que pretende ser el OLE de Windows. […]

  49. There is a ajax based product search for the german market up at http://www.informationsarchiv.biz/ – It uses a doubleslider to specify a pricerange and has some other interesting features. It’s really a thing to look at – Just fill out the search-form and play around.

  50. ajax.solutoire.com has loads of javascript, ajax in general and ajax framework resources/links

  51. […] read more | digg story Explore posts in the same categories: coldcase […]

  52. Everywhere · ·

    Man, you really know how to guide ppl while they want to learn something new.
    – this is a one stop AJAX pathway for beginner

  53. […] Credits & Xtra Links::Rushi’s AJAX for BegineersWikipedia AJAXMax’s Round-up Comments » […]

  54. […] Rushi’s Ramblings » AJAX Resources for Beginners Looks like a good place to start exploring AJAX. Via dzone […]

  55. […] Ajax resources for beginners […]

  56. […] Rushi’s Ramblings >> AJAX Resources for Beginners (tags: AJAX howto tutorials tutorial tools webtools webdev webmaster css blogs Blog Reference Tips resources) […]

  57. Really cool resource :) thx for it

  58. […] Title says it all… Additional useful resources in the comments to the article.read more | digg story […]

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    It’s very nice and helpful for a new people like me. :D

  61. […] This is a good resource to start learning ajax : Ajax resources […]

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    Contains Lots of AJAX Tutorials

  63. World Largest Collection of Ajax tutorials (300+)

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  78. Those are great beginner articles on Ajax development. There are also many great articles at ajaxian.com for more advanced students. For truly beginning students, start with learning JavaScript first as this is a requirement for AJAX. Perhaps a list of JavaScript articles is in order here too?

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  87. For anyone that would like to get to grips with how Ajax works (Ever want to get or post data?) – that’s not ready to jump straight into a heavy framework such as Prototype or jQuery, here’s an article and some lightweight files that might come in handy.

    AjaxLite >> http://blarnee.com/wp/?page_id=53

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