Quick Hits

The BBC reports that a movie is being made based on the Simpsons, to be released July 2007.

Michael Parekh writes about the 1st Annual 2006 'APRIL FOOL'S DAY ON THE WEB" AWARDS'

As annouced Google has now sold $2.07bn of its stock.

Digg.com reports about Jajah.com – "Enter two phone numbers and Jajah.com calls them both and links the calls together. Have it call your wife and then complete the call by ringing Weight Watchers. Or try to get your roommate back with her ex by anymously bridging a call between them. Jajah should have waited until after April 1st before launching this service."

The "official" story from Tuttle Times about Jerry Taylor. If you don't know what this incident was then read this and this.

Fox runs another Top 100 best College Football games. The USC – Notre Dame game is in there somewhere around #5.

Welcome home Jill Carroll.



  1. Qwerty Maniac · ·

    Heh, your desc. of jajah is really nice :P

  2. Oops, I forgot to put the quotes in there. I took it from digg.com :| But the idea of connecting phone calls rocks.

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