April Fools Day Stuff

This april fools day was lousy. Not too many good jokes.

  • OpenOffice.org annouces that MSFT bought them over. Great annoucement, considering it came on a Saturday Great weekend annoucement.
  • Same for Google Romance I agree with ChronoTron on this one.
  • Sorry Scoble, your joke of moving to Google was too obvious.

I just wish that people actually took the effort of writing up a decent April Fools joke, rather than just dumping something stupid out there. Now MSN Search Spoof, was good. I used it on a lot of people (thanks Scoble)

Wikipedia has a list of the April 1st jokes. Also Wired has a blog report by Drew Curtis of Fark.com about The Best Internet Spoofs.

JavaScript coding has made me a little cranky.



  1. Chrono Cr@cker · ·

    MSN Search Spoof rocked! :D Yes, Google romance was a bit lame, nay not a bit!

  2. Chrono Cr@cker · ·

    Oh! One more thing, it’s kinda lame that you have a specific category called Robert Scoble and one called Scobleizer.

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