Monthly Archives: April 2006

Curious Question

When was the last time a Scoble post was not on the top 10 posts on WordPress? I haven't seen a day like that yet in my short span so far at WordPress.

The Slashdot Redesign is finally getting a redesign and the redesign is up to the community. CmdrTaco, one of the people who runs slashdot posted a entry regarding the redesign contest. The prize for redesigning the website is a $4,500 laptop (A MacBook Pro or an Alienware!) and the rights for everyone to see your work, some […]

ajaxOS – An Ajax based operating system

Michael Robertson pulls another one out of his magic hat. ajaxOS is a ajax-based operating system. Yes its an ajax based operating system. Some of the features of this OS is: Automatic launch of AJAX software when clicking on a supported filetype. Ability to save files to virtual storage. Ability to navigate through a file […]

The Firefox Bus!

Kalyan Varma found this Firefox logo painted on a bus. Mysore, Udupi, Shimoga, Chitradurga, Bellary – Some advertising for Firefox wow Technorati Tags: Firefox, India

I invented the Apple Logo

Meet the man who invented the world famous logo of the Apple Computer Corporation…and got nothing out of it. "Not even a holiday card." read more | digg story

Online Image Editor

nexImage is an online editing/processing software. It’s an ajax based software and you dont need any plugin. It works in Firefox, IE, Safari and even Opera! Some of the features include: The basic image modification features like: Crop, Resize, Rotate It has lots of filters like Blur, Sharpen, Swirl It’s got something a lot of […]

Google Calendar API!

Google has finally "answered" calls for a GCal API. Blog Post here and the API is here. It cover's: Find and Request your Calendar's Feed URL manually and using the protocol or the GData client library Add events using the client lib Send a date-range query i.e. request a set of events which match the […]

Secure your code

A List Apart, one of the premier Web Design magazines has a great article written by Niklas Bivald on Securing Your Code Great article mainly because it exposes how one execute malicious code on your scripts (JavaScript injections mainly).

Its a music player…

Michael Robertson now launches a web-based media player called ajaxTunes. When I first read it I though "Why a media player?" I still am not sure, on this issue. Anyways, the features: lets you play, pause, forward and rewind high-quality streaming music encoded at 192kbps over the Internet from any computer. It has a demo […]

I Hate WordPress

It's got too many good themes (to be on the fair side, this one does have my fav colors, blue and green). I'm flip flopping over themes worse than John Kerry. God Save Me