Here Comes ajaxSketch!

Michael Robertson launches his next ajax product as promised. ajaxSketch. From his post on a short description about ajaxSketch:

It's an object-oriented drawing program suitable for creating flow charts, org charts, simple diagrams, maps, etc. ajaxSketch can open, edit and save files in SVG, an open standard graphic format, making it compatible with Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Visio, Open Office Draw, Corel Draw, Inkscape, and many others, all of which support SVG. Additionally, there are growing archives of SVG documents with liberal-use licenses, such as

"Object-Oriented" an interesting term he uses. Is that a programmers point of view?

However, its interesting that a sketch program was next in line, I thought he would hit Microsoft's money bag again with launching something like ajaxPowerpoint or ajaxExcel. I wonder whats next… Any bets?

At the time of this post, the American server for ajaxSketch doesn't run (atleast for me) The European does work, however takes a couple of extra seconds to load.This is surprising, because Michael Robertson should have expected his servers to be hit hard when he launches something. Its as good as getting dugg or slashdotted (which eventually happens)

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