Monthly Archives: March 2006

Here Comes ajaxSketch!

Michael Robertson launches his next ajax product as promised. ajaxSketch. From his post on a short description about ajaxSketch: It's an object-oriented drawing program suitable for creating flow charts, org charts, simple diagrams, maps, etc. ajaxSketch can open, edit and save files in SVG, an open standard graphic format, making it compatible with Adobe […]

Lightbox 2.0 – New & Improved!

Earlier I had written about LightBox a JavaScript application which "is a simple, unobtrusive script used to overlay images on the current page. It's a snap to setup and works on all modern browsers". Now Lokesh Dhakar has released a new version LightBox 2.0 which supports animations and cross fading, along with navigation as well. […]

Google Blog…hacked?

Earlier today the Google Blog went 404 (The code for a 'Page not found' error) Running over to Digg a couple of minutes later…sure enough I spot a story about some claiming the Google Blog was hacked. There is a AIM conversation between two people about the 'hack' (one the "hacker" and the other his […]

Blog Law !?!?

Recently I stumbled across a conference titled 'Blog Law & Blogging for Lawyers' going to be held in San Francisco on April 20th & 21st. Why is there a conference on this issue? Here's an excerpt from their page: Blogs (short for "Web logs") are fomenting a wide variety of legal issues. Legal blogging, also […]

ajaxWrite – A MS Word ‘Alternative’

Michael Robertson (of, Linspire, SIPPhone etc) is launching (or has launched) a new competitor to Microsoft Word – ajaxWrite , a web based word processor. ajaxWrite is a powerful wordprocessor that can read/write word documents (you can save in pdf too). There isn't any registration or other bells and whistles. You goto the website […]

Google Calendar – Beta!

Michael Arrington of TechCrunch has posted screenshots of Google Calendar. These screenshots are the real deal and they aren't fakes. Mike Arrington takes the time and posts some of the features of Google Calendar. From the screenshots you get indications that it can probably export from the Apple's iCal and iCal based formats. RSS feeds […]

New Office 2007 Fonts

Office 2007 and Windows Vista will have a new set of fonts. There are 5 new fonts as follows: Calibri – A Sans-serif, also the default font for MS Word replacing Times New Roman Candara – San-serif font Consolas – A monospaced font. Constantia – Serif font. Corbel – San-Serif font Goodbye Times New Roman, […]

New Microsoft Office 2007 Look

New screenshots from the new Office 2007 UI. Finally Microsoft comes out with something which is good looking. MSDN Blog Article

Google News gets foiled by 15-year old

Tom Vandetta found an article on that explained how to fool Google’s news system by writing fake press releases. He then decided to see what would happen if he submitted a fake Google press release claiming the 15-year old New Jersey student was Google’s youngest employee. his confessional blog posting | read more | […]

The Secret Lives of Fonts

Something I found while I was doing some research on fonts for a paper: A study done to show that Serif fonts affect readers in fundamentally different ways than Sans-Serifs do. The moral of the story: know your audience when you mark up your document, whether it’s a corporate website or a scholarly essay. read […]