PHP Editors Ahoy!

I have finally found the PHP Editor of my choice. My months of search for a good one has ended. I am currently using MPSoftware’s PHPDesigner 2005. This is an excellent editor and also may seem to some as a PHP version of MS Visual Studio. It may seem like it but it is very nice. Some of the features what I like is:

  • Auto-Complete PHP functions – Some of the functions get really long!
  • Function/Class List – It lists all the functions and classes of a particular file in a neat window. Very useful for me in some scripts of mine where I have to deal with a lot of functions.
  • Project Setup – I can setup multiple projects and associate files with them and easily open and close projects with relative ease.
  • Code indenting! – This feature a lot of editors dont have. An editor like PHPEdit doesn’t have indenting, which makes it really annoying.

There are also tons of minor handy features which makes it really useful.

A second editor would be Gilad Novak’s PHPStudio. This a lightweight PHP editor which also is quite nice. Auto-Complete, code indentation, a good file explorer and html support are some of its nice features. Gilad Novak reads the forum and answers question in this thread. One of few occasions where a thread guides the development of the product :)

Nevertheless, PHPDesigner 2005 is my preferred editor. I may even check out his beta (‘2006’)

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