Monthly Archives: February 2006

Form Builders

I came across a couple of free form builders on The two were Wufoo and FormAssembly. These both are web-based tools which allow you to build really good forms. You can build varied forms and do authentication on them based on their properties (alphanumeric, password etc) Both tools are in their beta but are […]

PHP Editors Ahoy!

I have finally found the PHP Editor of my choice. My months of search for a good one has ended. I am currently using MPSoftware’s PHPDesigner 2005. This is an excellent editor and also may seem to some as a PHP version of MS Visual Studio. It may seem like it but it is very […]

The Stealth Switch

Say Hi to the Stealth Switch. A must use for anyone who does shady things at work. Whether be porn, downloading movies or playing games. This handy little gadget from will minimize and hide all your applications or the ones you specify from your computer screen at the touch of a button. Hooked up […]

CSS Code Optimizer

I recently discovered the CSS Code Optimizer. It is a very handy online tool which optimises your CSS code. What optimization? Well for one it removes your erroneus spacing, brackets/braces indentation and makes it look good for viewing. Also if you would have CSS code like this: p { font-family: verdana; font-size: 12px; } It […]

LightBox JS

A very useful JavaScript called LightBox. Used to overlay images on the current page. It's javascript so no fancy flash/shockwave plugin crap. Oh did I mention this will be my virtual bookmark page ;)

Silverorange’s Swat Web Application Toolkit

Earlier today I discovered Silverorange Lab’s SWAT Web application toolkit. This is an open source web application toolkit (PHP5) built by the guys at Silverorange. Although this is version 0.0.4 I must say this is a really good set of widgets. It has almost every widget from the basic text and integer entry to Calendar […]